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Italy Travel Guide

Italy Travel Guide By Kevin Stith

Italy can be ranked as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so there is an abundance of information available for anyone who wants to travel to Italy. Italy travel guides can be broadly classified into two categories--the first category includes those guides which contain all the relevant information about various tourist spots in the country, and the second category includes those travel guides which give information about a particular region or city.

A number of tour and travel operators, private publishers, and hotel and resort owners often bring out such travel guides. But it is always best to refer to the official web site and publications of the tourism board of Italy, as they provide authentic information.

In some of the private travel guides, there might be deliberate attempt to promote certain hotels, restaurants, resorts, shops, etc. This could actually mislead a tourist, especially one who is traveling to the country for the first time.

Italy seems to have endless number of tourist spots. Visiting all of them may not be possible for a tourist, even during the course of a long vacation. So it is always better to go through a good travel guide related to Italy, select the places you want to visit and get your reservations well in advance. Most of the Italy travel guides also provide information about hotels in various regions, along with a list of their rentals.

Several online travel guides provide free information about Italy's popular places. However, it is always better to verify the information provided by non-governmental web sites. This could be done by using online travel and tourism guides provided by the Italian government and several city administrations. While traveling within Italy, a travel guide with maps of various Italian cities could always be a prized possession.

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Flying To And From France Just Got Cheaper

Flying To And From France Just Got Cheaper By Howard Farmer

Those who have recently bought property in France will be pleased to hear that it has just got that bit easier and cheaper to visit family and friends in Blighty. Perhaps you are searching for a property to buy - then you can now access most regions of France cheaply and easily!

Paris based airline Air France has made travel to and from the continent and further abroad less of a chore by dropping long haul levies by seven euros (4.6 pounds).
The changes came into effect on February 3rd and will see surcharges on transcontinental flights go down by one euro to 21 euros.

Long haul trips are five euros cheaper per sector, reducing the charge to 33 euros.
Air France cited the fact that oil prices have remained below 60 dollars (30 pounds) a barrel for some time as the reason behind the move.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which is not only the oldest but now the largest airline company in the world since merging with the French national carrier, has followed suit by lowering the extras on its longer journeys, as well as on European travel.

Earlier this month, Sky Team, the group which both KLM and Air France belong to, was awarded Best Airline Alliance by Global Traveller Magazine.

Air France also performed well at the awards as an individual managing to scoop the prize for best transatlantic airline. Scheduled airline fares to France are becoming more competitive.

These changes are also a response to the success of the budget airlines offering low cost fares to corners of France. RyanAir, Flybe, Easyjet and others have had a significant effect on property prices. Property prices have risen significantly in the area around French airports served by the low cost airlines.

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